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We’re Moving…

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Happy new year!

~Emily and Carissa

Is there anything to say?

Is there? To the families… who’s children were brutally shot, at that school in Connecticut.Β On Friday. At that Elementary school?Β  Those children had their lives before them… No, we can’t say anything. Can’t do anything…

But pray. Please pray. Pray hard. Pray for the families of the children, of the teachers. Only God can give them comfort.


The Second Part of Our Trip: Driving to the Cabin and What We Did There

Hello all! Sorry it took me so long to post again… been kinda busy ’round here. First, Carissa came home!!!!! πŸ˜€ Then some friends came down from PA (post on that later). Then Thanksgiving. Then a camping trip for Hannah’s 21st birthday with some friends (post on that too). Then getting back into the swing of things. Then a week long internet fast for me. Then seeing The Hobbit in theaters!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Now, to finish the trip, I’ll be posting as much as possible, and then catch up before Christmas. Hopefully.

So, we left the Hutchins, very grateful for their hospitality, and made our way to the cabin. On our way, we stopped at the Cathedral Caverns, went for a little walk, ate lunch and walked through the caverns.


We saw this rocket…


And hills…


And these little rick cliff things…


At the Caverns (we got there early, so we had to wait) we climbed rocks…


And took Pictures…


…of Flowers…


…and Parents…


…and people on the rocks…


…and Trees…

Mama's iPhone 123

…and People in front of rocks squinting at the sun…

Mama's iPhone 108

…and People standing on rocks in the Shade. Then we drove to the cabin.

Mama's iPhone 170

When we got there we sat in the living area and talked.


We drove to the Hiawasee Dam one day.


Some trees by the dam.


The shore at the dam. It was sooo pretty!


Esther loved all the water. She was pointing and saying: “Wader! Wader!” It was so cute! She is talking quite a lot now, she can say all our names, and a lot of other things. πŸ™‚


Looking at the water


One side of the dam.


The other side of the dam.


Water from the dam. Now, some cabin pictures.




If you turned around from that door, you would’ve seen this


Around the corner, you would see this ^


There was a coat stand next to the room Cheryl and I shared.


Josiah and Hannah’s room.


The laundry room and my beautiful mother doing laundry. All that is downstairs. Now let’s go up…


… the stairs!


Turning right, then right again, would bring us to the kitchen


Turn around and to the left, and you can see the living area.


Some people in the living area.


Cheryl coming up the stairs.


A view. There were many, including one where you could see the smoky mountains in the distance.

Mama's iPhone 221

We went to a waterfall! It was so pretty.




Isn’t it beautiful?

Mama's iPhone 202



Another day, we went to Field of the Woods. See that^? That is 451 stairs. No, you did not have to climb all of them. πŸ™‚ And yes, we (all but Mama and Esther) climbed up.


We ate lunch at that table.


And saw this dog.

Mama's iPhone 193

Driving to the cabin, you’d see this ^.

Mama's iPhone 191


Mama's iPhone 189

A cabin in the distance.

Mama's iPhone 232

Mama and Esther at the cabin on Sunday

Mama's iPhone 228

The rest of us, singing on Sunday. (Minus Hannah. You couldn’t see her in the picture she was in. Just a silhouette.)

There you have it folks! Not exactly in chronological order, but you get the idea. I hope. Coming up next: The Creation Museum!

The First Part of Our Trip: The Hutchins, Part Two; The Thomas’

Sorry so much time has passed before I got around to writing this sooner.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Hutchins took us to the Thomas’. We had met Mr., Rebecka, and Jonathan Thomas at GenJ, where we met Michaela Hutchins. They had made chili for supper, and it was very good! We didn’t get many pictures, because we were having so much fun. But Hannah got a few pictures. So! Here they are! Enjoy!

Starting at Josiah and going to his right: Jonathan Thomas, Joel Thomas, Michaela Hutchins, Brandy (neighbor of the Thomas’), Maria Hutchins, Cheryl, Miranda Hutchins, Michael Hutchins, and Yours Truly (Me).( The two picture like this, I was moving in both. πŸ˜› So I picked the one that Maria was looking.) We were playing Mafia. πŸ˜€

Jonathan and Josiah. … and my hand and foot. πŸ˜›

Esther being adorable. πŸ˜€ She was having so much fun right there.

The youngster’s at the table. Isn’t that a lot of children?!

Anna Thomas and Michaela Hutchins. It was the second youngest Thomas Jeremiah’s, birthday, he was turning five.

That’s all for now folks! I may do another post, but I don’t have Josiah and Papa’s pictures yet. πŸ™‚

Thank you, Thomas’ for having us over for supper and cupcakes and s’mores! We really enjoyed the time with all y’all. πŸ™‚



The First Part of Our Trip: The Hutchins, Part One

Hello everyone! Sorry I have not posted sooner… been busy. Anyway, Pictures!

The packed van. PACKED! Haha

Happy baby!! Esther did great! She was mostly happy, and only had a real breakdown once! I know, our baby is awesome. πŸ˜‰

The sky beginning to light up. We left our house at 5:00 AM, and got to our friends house at 12:00AM our time, 11:00PM their time.
We broke down in between… But! God is awesome! We broke down 10 miles from a Dodge dealership (Our van is a Dodge), and they had both of the parts we needed! We also broke down at a perfect spot on the highway, seeing as there were NO other places to pull over for about 2 miles!

The next afternoon, our friends the Hutchins took us on a “redneck roller-coaster” ride. It was that wagon hitched to the truck by two bungee cords, and pulled around. It was fun!
William took the first ride.

Maria Hutchins, holding Joshua (their youngest) on the truck bed. And others, waiting for the ride to start.

Miranda Hutchins and Cheryl.

Their neighbors have donkeys, so we went and looked at them for a bit.

The donkeys. There is three. Sorry it’s such a bad picture. I liked the dark one best.

Part one of the first part of our trip!

Thanks to the Hutchins for letting us stay at your house two nights! We had a lot of fun, and I wish we could have stayed longer… πŸ™‚

Also, thanks to the Dixons for letting us use their camera. πŸ™‚

Unrelated info: Baby Benjamin Todd Farrands was born Tuesday morning at 2:00 AM. He weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. Mommy Abby and Benjamin are doing well. He is adorable!

Oh, hi.

Yikes, it’s been rather awhile… πŸ˜› I felt bad for y’all, so I decided to give y’all some pictures, since we’re leaving for two weeks on Sunday, AND there are two new babies (I only have pictures of one) in our church. Josiah had a birthday yesterday, so now he is 19! He won’t let me get a picture of him so y’all are just gonna halfta imagine what he looks like πŸ˜‰

Okay, now for some pictures…

Baby Rebeka Grace Ruth. Please pray for her mom. Miss Heather has thyroid cancer and is going in on Friday to get it removed. Please pray for the whole family.

Esther! I had Josiah take some pictures for y’all a little awhile ago. She was being really cute! πŸ˜€

Making a cute face.

Chewing on her toy and smiling at the same time!


That’s all for now folks! I’ll try to do a post as soon as I get the pictures on here after the trip. Hope you all enjoyed these couple pictures! Sorry there isn’t more… Carissa took the camera she got with her, so I only have Josiah and Papa’s iPhones for pictures right now. ~Emily